Dynamic Greywash Tattoo Ink - 4 oz. Bottle Set

Dynamic Grey Wash Set is created from Dynamic Inks original black formula, one of the most well used black tattoo inks on the market. This greywash set has been put together over numerous years and with tattoo artist input to deliver the perfect ink for your tattoo designs.

Dynamic use the purest hospital-grade water. Filtered, distilled and UV sterilized at their facility, to ensure the #00 Mixing Solution in our washes is at the utmost purity and held to the highest standard. The addition of witch hazel to this solution not only adds a visible smoothness to your tattoo work but also brings a soothing quality and feeling to your clients.

#20- A thin wash and lightest of the set. 

#40- A smooth light-mid tone wash. 

#60- A deep and silky true medium toned wash. 

#80- The darkest of the set, a deep and full-bodied wash.

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